Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Sword
Tai Chi Chuan
Calligraphy by
T.Y. Pang

Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Instructions by
Dr Mandana Hosseindoust
DAOM,  L.Ac.

Tai Chi Chuan, is a traditional Chinese martial art, also known as "Shadow
Boxing" .  It is now commonly practiced for its many health benefits.  Tai Chi
Chuan consists of a series of slow and graceful movements, which helps the
practitioner achieve a state of peace and tranquility.  Practicing Tai Chi on a
regular basis, makes the body flexible, agile, and the mind and spirit free.  In
traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed a healthy mind and spirit, will result
in a healthy body, and vice versa.  In today's fast paced society, people's mind
are not calm, and therefore many health problems related to stress, including
hypertension, musculoskeletal disorders, obesity, insomnia, digestive and
emotional problems are common.

The gentle practice of Tai Chi strengthens ones body, mind and spirit, by
adjusting the proper flow of qi and blood, throughout the body, and regulating
the internal organs.
The healthy, sick, old and young can all benefit from regular daily practice.

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